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Here in description section you’ll find 5 different options to customize description text of image hover. you can determine the text size, customize description text font, style, weight, margin. Let’s see how to work with the tools…

Description font size

Here by using this option, you can customize the font size of the description text of your image hover.

Please make sure that the value of description font size is less than 100. After finishing see the live preview.

Choose description font

From this option you can choose your description preferred font. The fonts option here is based on google font.

description Font Weight

Here with this option of font weight, you can customize the font weight of description text of your image hover. You can either select size or style for the font weight.

Customize font style

This option is for selecting description font style. You can choose from normal, italic, oblique, initial or inherit font style.

description margin bottom

Want little distance of description from button? Set a larger value to make a distance between description text and button text.

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