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SB Image Hover Settings Option

On the image hover submenu you’ll find there’s a settings option like the image shown below,

Here you can customize some important thing. You can choose user role who can save, edit or delete data from SB Image hover effect plugin. You can also determine mobile or touch device behavior and of course upgrade the plugin using software license.

Select User role

Here at the first option, you can select the user role of the plugin. That mean you can control the people who can manage SB Image Hover plugin.

After select a option hit “Save Change” button to confirm the change.

Mobile or Touch Device Behavior

This is an important tool where you can determine the mobile or touch device behavior for the image hover items. You can choose how to hover the image and how it look like after hovering.

Product License Activation

At the last part you’ll find Product License Activation tool where you can upgrade your free version plugin to Pro version.

For the full instruction of Upgrading the plugin using the Product License, Click Here

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