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Upgrade Pro Version

Thanks a lot for liking our plugin and go through it. Let’s see how to upgrade SB Image Hover Effects Free to Pro:


Product Activation License:

“One Click Upgradable”- Our new ‘Software License’ program will allow you to upgrade your plugin by one click! That means you can upgrade your free version to Pro by clicking once! Whenever you make a purchase you’ll get the Software License code. Through this code you’ll get a notification instructing you to Upgrade. Just click on that button and your plugin will be upgraded within seconds!


Let’s see how to work with this feature…


On the SB Image Hover Effects submenu you’ll find a new option entitled “Settings”. Click on it.


Here you can find Product License Activation option where you can upgrade your free version plugin to Pro version.

By submitting and activating the license key, you’ll be able to upgrade your plugin very easily from this option. Let’s see how to upgrade the plugin from Product License submenu…

After clicking Product License submenu you’ll find a product key fill up form like below. Now Enter the Product Key and Click Save Changes button.

Now after complete the saving of the activation code Click on the Active License button to Activate the plugin into pro.

You’ll then see a welcome notification at the top of the page like below to make sure of the activation process.

Here at this situation wait for 2 or 3 minutes to let the processing be finished. After some moments go to the plugin page in order to finish the Upgrading process. Here you can find an option to update the plugin.

Click on the Update Now button like below.

Now see the notification appear there to ensure the update process done.

Go to the SB Image Hover plugin page. You’ll get the confirmation of upgrading the plugin into PRO version at the top of the page.That’s all! Your plugin just upgraded to Pro!

After upgrading the plugin by activating the product license you’ll be able to get direct plugin updates and essential official support and much more. Enjoy!

If you’ve got difficulties then see our hand to hand text tutorial of Installing for the first time.

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