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On this section you can customize the slider and autoplay. you can determine autoplay time. Lets talk about those fields…

Slide or grid

Here you can select your image hover showing type. You can select Normal to show your image grid view or select Carousel to show your image slide view.

  • Select your choice and remember to hit the “Save” button.

slide autoplay

If you select your image showing type as carousel/slide then you can set Autoplay of your sliding image hover item.

  • Go to autoplay option and just select Yes to make Autoplay otherwise leave it as No.

slide autoplay time

This option is to set autoplay moveable time. You can set the value as mm mode. Here 1 second=100

  • Go to the “Autoplay Time” option and set a value.
  • If you want the moveable time to set 1 second then set the autoplay time value 1000.

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