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On this section you’ll find 3 different options regarding the image hover. From here you can select the number of item you want to show on a single row, customize image radius and determine link opening option. Lets see how to use those options…

Radius your image

If you want to make circle your image set a radius value 50. The more you want your image to be square lessen the value.

  • Go to General Settings, comes with “Image Radius”.
  • Set the value you want to show your image. The more you increase the value of radius, the more your image turn in to circle.

  • Look, I’ve set the radius value “50”. And my image turn in to full circle. Now set a value that is compatible to your concept and image.

Please make sure that you set a value that is not more than 50. This value is for pure circle image, you can’t extend this on your image.

Image per row

This option is for selecting how many items you want to show in a single row on a page. You can select from a single to 6 items in a single row.

  • Select how many items you want as the image shown below.
  • Hit the “Save” button.

After saving the edit you’ve done see the live preview. If you select multiple items per row and still upload a single image, then our program automatically creates the roam for multiple images. See the preview bellow,

Customize link opening

From here you can customize the link opening. You can make sure of opening your link in a new tab or not by using this option.

  • Go to the option.
  • Choose the option “New Tab” to open the hover link in a new tab.
  • Leave the option as “Normal” for not to open the link in a new tab.


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