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Here in the Animation section you’ll find 2 option named Animation and animation duration. You can choose the style of animation that your image hover will show during it’ll appear on the page. And also you can select the duration of that animation here. Lets see how this two option works…

Viewing animation

You can choose your image hover viewing animation here. There’s a lot of animation style we’ve designed in SB Image Hover Effects. You can choose from them. And if you don’t even want to use any animation then simply select the option No Animation.

  • Go to the option and select your choice
  • Hit “Save” button and see the live preview!

Animation duration

Here with this option you can select the timing of your animation. You can select the duration of animation your hover item will show that is based on seconds. Remember to set a second value that is not more than 10 seconds. 10 seconds is the maximum duration of an animation of image hover.

  • Go to the option and set a value within 10 seconds.
  • Hit “Save” button and see the live preview!

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