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Background Color

Here you can change the color of your hovered image. You can choose exact what color you want from the color vault we’ve created.

Image Background color


Image background color is a vital part of this customize settings. The color combination is set as RGB. Color order have sat gradually red, green and blue. And the last value is for color opacity. It is important to set a opacity value adjusting with hover image.

If you want the hover image to be visible then you should set the opacity value lessen. Let’s see how to set background color along with opacity value…


1. click on the button like below, and pick the color you want.

2. If you add an hover image and you want to make this vivid then make the opacity of Background color to 0.01.


Important Note:

If you increase the opacity of background color then your hover image will not be vivid. So be sure that you decrease the value.

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