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Shortcode Usage

In WordPress, a shortcode is a condensed representation of a larger and often more complex piece of code. In other words, a shortcode allows you to insert a script within the content section of your post or page. WordPress will execute the script. Shortcodes are extremely flexible and allow you to place content from a plugin. Our developer design Image Hover with Carousel with very handy shortcode generator.


Here in this page we’re gonna discuss about adding the shortcode within the content section of your post or page of the site.

Shortcode for posts/pages/plugins

1. In the right bottom side of the editor page the shortcodes area exist. Copy that shortcode first.

2. Now go to Posts or Pages and Click on Add New button.

3. Now Paste the Shortcode that you copied and hit Publish.

That’s all! Now you can see your added hover item to your post or page! You can go to the site through the permalink and see your image hover.

That’s how your hover shown in your site.

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