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Image Rearrange

Our new feature “Image Rearrange” has been launched recently. By using this tool you will be able to re-arrange your image hover item’s order. This part of the documentation will show you how to rearrange the image you’ve uploaded. So let’s have a deep look…

Image Rearrange

On the bottom right portion of the editor page you may find a new option called, “Image Rearrange”. Here you can use drag & drop to reorder your image sequence.

First click on the Image Rearrange field like the image shown below,

Now a pop-up menu will be appear at the page where you can drag & drop the image thumbnails as the order you want to show your image.


The interesting thing is, you no longer need to hit any save button here. Whenever you use drag & drop to rearrange image the page will be automatically loaded and the changes will be done!

That’s all . This is the system to rearrange your image using our new feature “Image Rearrange”


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